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Removing Trees for the Right Reasons

Keeping your home in excellent condition is an endless journey of maintenance, repairs, and replacements. Regarding the backyard, you may focus on preserving the grass, plants, and trees, but this may not be enough to maintain a healthy property. You may need to remove trees in some situations.
Removing a tree when it gets sick is not necessarily the right decision because it may be treatable. Even if a tree is infested by pests, tree professionals may be able to resolve the problem. But there are certain situations in which removing a tree from your landscape is a smart choice.

Sewer Line Complications

If you do not pay attention to root growth, you could end up finding out about root blockage because of a major plumbing problem. You should pay attention to tree roots when you have young trees that will be growing and expanding on your landscape for the foreseeable future.
The options for preventing sewer line problems are limited. Removing the roots can cause health issues for the tree, which then may require you to remove the tree when it becomes ill. You can opt for a permanent solution in the beginning by removing or transplanting the difficult tree.

Neighbor Invasiveness

When you have a young tree on the edge of your property lines, the roots could grow onto neighboring properties. If the roots are not causing any problems, then it is probably fine that your tree’s roots have grown over the property line. But if they grow close enough to a neighbor's house, fence, driveway, or pool, you will have a major problem.
To prevent complications with a neighbor and their home due to a damaging tree, you should consider tree removal. This will prevent you from having to worry about how far the tree roots might grow and what kind of damage they might cause if they continue their current route.

Structural Damage

If your property is fenced, you need to keep an eye on the condition of nearby trees. When the fence posts and pickets are close to or touching the ground, roots can quickly cause damage. All it takes is minimal growth on the surface to start colliding with the bottom of the fence.
A major problem can occur when tree roots start heading towards the home's foundation. When you catch the invasive growth early on, you can avoid foundation damage altogether. But if you end up finding that damage has already occurred, you want to prioritize tree removal right away. Preventing the roots from causing further damage will keep repair costs from increasing.

Pavement Cracks

Another situation in which removing a tree is a wise choice is to avoid pavement damage. For instance, if you notice that a tree's roots are creeping up close to your driveway, you should hire a tree removal service before the tree’s roots make impact and cracks start to show up along the edges.
Even if you were to cut back the spreading roots, they would likely come back again. If the roots cause enough damage to a driveway, it could require you to repave everything. You want to avoid this situation because then you would be spending a lot of money on a preventable problem.
This kind of damage can also happen to paths or patio flooring made of stone, brick, or concrete. So you will want to pay attention to tree growth and root expansion around these areas.
Managing a whole yard and making sure that all tree roots are not expanding into dangerous areas is tough. Contact us at Schuman's Tree Service Inc. if you want to get a thorough inspection or to discuss tree removal options for a tree that has already begun causing problems.


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