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24-Hour Emergency Service

Quick Stump Removal in Savannah, Georgia

The Practical Choice

Schuman's Tree Service Inc. provides high-quality stump grinding and removal. We will arrive on time, extract your stump quickly and leave you without extra work. After we have gone, you won’t have a hole to fill with new topsoil or a root to haul away. Our removal process produces mulch, which we are happy to haul away or leave for you to use. Either way, we will leave the hole filled to make landscaping easy and to keep your yard safe.

Earth Friendly

Stump grinding, like wood chipping, recycles nature’s products. The grindings from the tree stump are a natural mulch that is highly rich in ingredients. If you ask us to leave the mulch behind, you can put it to use in flower gardens to control weeds and moisture. Choosing to grind the stump is also gentler on your lawn. The grinder removes the stump and major roots from the inside out. There is no need to tear up your lawn or worry about the tree growing back when you grind the stump

Efficient Service

We use a unique articulating grinder that can work around house foundations or other hard-to-reach areas. Our machine is roughly the size of a riding mower and is lightweight to prevent damaging your lawn. We only need a 36-inch-wide gate to work in the backyard as well. We will grind the stump and chase the roots to a depth of 18 inches to ensure the stump doesn’t grow back. Our process is fast and easy and gives you peace of mind that the stump is really gone.

Professional Work

Schuman’s Tree Service provides a thorough stump removal process. We carry out our work quickly and well to let you get back to your yard. We will rake any mulch into a neat pile and remove whatever mulch you don’t need. We handle each job efficiently and use only the most environmentally friendly equipment available.