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24-Hour Emergency Service
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24-Hour Emergency Service

Practical Tree Care in Savannah, Georgia

Dead and Dying Trees

Schuman's Tree Service, Inc. specializes in tree, stump and brush removal throughout Savannah, Georgia. Since 2007, we have removed dead branches and trees with the care you expect. Your safety is our number-one priority. Our team uses a bucket truck to carefully lower the trees we cut down to the ground to avoid homes and power lines. When we leave after completing our service, we remove any debris from the cutting process. If you wish, we will provide you with free wood chips from your tree.


Healthy Trees

We are happy to make your yard safer without removing trees. We offer dead-wooding services that go through your trees’ branches and remove those that are dead. Dead branches are more likely to fall during storms, so removing them early prevents damage and injury. Sometimes a perfectly healthy tree just needs a trimming or a thinning to keep it healthy. Our trained arborists determine where to cut to ensure your tree stays healthy for years to come.

Lot Clearing

If you are clearing brush, trees or stumps, consider our lot-clearing services. Choose Schuman’s Tree Service Inc., and the brush on your lot will be gone in no time. We will be faster than other professionals in cutting down the remaining trees. Once all the trees are down, our combination stump removal packages take the hassle out of the grinding process as well. Your lot will be better cleared more quickly when you work with us.

Aftermath Work

After a major storm, you may need emergency help to prevent a tree from causing damage to your home. We can make storm-damaged trees safe, or remove them if necessary. If the tree has damaged your home, we will happily work with your insurance to remove that tree safely. We provide haul-away services for any debris in your yard after a storm. We’ll get everything back in its proper order.