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24-Hour Emergency Service

Safe Tree Removal in Savannah, Georgia

Expert Service

Tree removal is our specialty. We can safely remove any tree regardless of size, location or condition. We prefer to save and properly care for trees, but a removal may be required. You might want to remove a tree if:
  • It is dying, diseased or structurally failing
  • It might cause damage to structures
  • It is hindering a construction project
  • It has been damaged by a storm
  • It is causing liability or maintenance issues
Our highly trained tree removal experts use state-of-the-art equipment and rely on extensive experience. When you have a tough removal job, you can trust that we’ll handle it with ease.


Quality Equipment

We rely on one of the longest-reaching bucket trucks in the tree removal industry. Our truck is custom produced to emphasize reach and stability. Our bucket truck allows us to remove trees from difficult or otherwise unreachable areas. While in this truck we can more safely and efficiently cut apart and clear away foliage and branches. If other arborists tell you a tree is impossible to remove safely or without damage, our truck may make it possible.​

Careful Removal

Our bucket truck is extremely helpful in protecting your property from damage during the removal process. We can lift large pieces off the tree and gently lower them to the ground. Our truck’s reach means we rarely have to drive onto your lawn to cut the tree apart. We can dissect your trees with surgical precision to protect your home or patio. Wherever we are working, our advanced equipment ensures your property and your landscaping will be completely undamaged.

Experienced Professionals

​Lance Schuman, our certified arborist, has 28 years of experience in the tree business. You’ll consult with Lance and our team of professionals to ensure you are satisfied with the solution for your trees. Schuman's Tree Service Inc. provides reliable, safe and comprehensive tree care services for residential and commercial properties in the greater Savannah area.